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just one of the guys | jenny lewis | the voyager (out july 29)

Jenny, I love you SO MUCH!

(via a-wolf-in-girls-clothing)


Model’s measurements:
41.5 inch bust, 34 inch waist, 47 inch hips

at Forever 21 (via shopstyle)


Emma for Asos Curve
36D bust, 31 inch waist, 44 inch hips

Elephant Print Bikini Bandeau Top and Elephant Print Bikini Bottom at Asos (via curveappeal affiliates)


Scottish producer Rustie is back, and boy, does he have something MASSIVE for us. Raptor is off his forthcoming new album Green Language, out August 25 on Warp Records. It’s our first clue as to what we might be hearing from the producer in days to come, with its highly energetic, flaring synths and jumble of endless, hypnotic beats. It’s a dizzying, crashing wall of shimmering sound.

This would have been perfect in skins. Don’t listen to this if you plan on sleeping in the near future… or ever again.

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